Union News

Why is Boeing challenging the IAM’s petition to organize our flight line?

Why is Boeing challenging the IAM’s recent petition to unionize our flight line teammates? The answer is simple: we strongly believe this type of filing, commonly referred to as a micro-unit, is not allowed under federal law.

We also believe just as strongly:

  • Dividing our site could hurt ALL teammates.
  • Our flight line teammates would put everything they currently enjoy up for negotiation, and there are no certainties when it comes to collective bargaining.
  • The IAM doesn’t have our flight line teammates’ best interests at heart. They are still focused on their own agenda of getting their foot in the door here while protecting their main membership base outside of South Carolina.
  • It could impact our ability to deliver on our customer commitments, putting our entire site at risk.

Next steps
Boeing will keep you informed throughout the legal process as it unfolds. The NLRB has scheduled a hearing that will begin Tuesday, March 13, to hear both Boeing’s and the IAM’s arguments before issuing a ruling. A decision on an election will not be made until after the National Labor Relations Board resolves the legal challenges, and it’s possible that one may not be held at all depending on the NLRB’s resolution.