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Boeing sets record straight on bird-strike terminations

The International Association of Machinists (IAM) and Richard Mester, a former Boeing South Carolina flight readiness technician, have repeatedly and publicly alleged that Boeing fabricated the reason for his termination and the termination of other flight line teammates. The truth is that Mester and two other teammates were terminated for failing to properly inspect and document a bird strike following a test flight, as required by the FAA.

The IAM and Mester have claimed that the FAA found that a bird strike did not occur. That is simply false.In fact, Mester’s teammate, who has self-identified as the president of the local IAM union, personally collected and bagged the bird strike evidence, including blood and feathers.The FAA has since analyzed that evidence and confirmed that, in fact, it was a bird that struck the engine; they were even able to determine the type of bird involved. These findings are publicly available on the FAA’s National Wildlife Strike Database.

This is just one example of the games being played by the IAM and Mester, who is now on the IAM’s payroll as a union organizer.Boeing will defend itself with the truth when faced with false allegations.

Boeing is committed to safety and quality in our operations, and we hold ourselves and our teammates accountable for upholding our principles and values.