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Celebrating the historic first flight at Boeing South Carolina

Six years ago today, LN46, Boeing South Carolina’s historic first 787 Dreamliner, took to the skies for the first time! Many of our teammates who were here that day still talk about the emotions and pride experienced when we all watched that airplane lift off and fly over the site.

Fast forward to today, and just think about the historic progress we’ve made since May 23, 2012. We’ve assembled and delivered more than 200 Dreamliners and just two months ago, we delivered the first 787-10. Another proud Boeing South Carolina day! We continue to delight our customers more than ever with a world class, quality product.

We’ve achieved all of this by working together as one Boeing South Carolina team. Now the IAM wants to change all of that by isolating our Flight Line and creating divisiveness within our team. That’s not in anyone’s best interests, especially our Flight Line teammates. We ask our Flight Line teammates to please vote NO on May 31, and hope that all teammates will share with their friends on the Flight Line the importance of remaining one team.

Please enjoy this brief video recapping that amazing first flight.