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Clearing up rumors about the hearing

Clearing up rumors from the NLRB hearing on the Flight Line micro-unit petition

We continue to await the ruling from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on the hearing that concluded on March 23 on our challenge to the IAM’s petition to unionize our Flight Line.

Boeing promised regular updates as well as answers to questions and issues. We understand that the union may be spreading rumors about what was said at the hearing. Here are the facts:

The union has suggested that Boeing witnesses devalued the contributions of Flight Line teammates.

Not true. Witnesses for the company highlighted the interchange and collaboration that occurs between teammates on the Flight Line and in Final Assembly, Midbody, Aftbody and IRCSC – the very teamwork that makes Boeing South Carolina who we are, and that we strongly believe makes the union’s proposed micro-unit unlawful.

Boeing South Carolina values the contributions, hard work and dedication of each and every teammate, including our Flight Line teammates. We are one team, and what we do NOT value is the IAM’s attempt to divide our team and jeopardize the collaborative culture that is at the core of our site’s many successes. The IAM may value divisiveness, but it’s not a part of our culture.

Our Cabin Systems teammates on the Flight Line have also raised questions about their sudden inclusion in the union’s proposed micro-unit.

The IAM, as an apparent after-thought following two weeks of hearings and at the close of evidence, for the first time threw in a demand to add the Cabin Systems specialists as an “alternative” to their preferred unit of FRTs and FRTIs. This was just as much of a surprise to Boeing as it was to many of you, including the Cabin Systems teammates.

If a majority of the combined FRTs, FRTIs and Cabin Systems specialists voted for the IAM, the entire voting group would be subject to the union’s representation, even if they didn’t sign a card or have any interest in the IAM speaking for them or controlling their employment terms. Of course, anyone eligible to vote would be free to vote NO at that time, and we would encourage all eligible teammates to do so.

We will continue to keep you updated as this process continues, and to provide factual answers to your questions. We are making history and creating a bright future in South Carolina, and with more than 30,000 represented workers in Puget Sound, the IAM has no genuine interest in BSC. We encourage our Flight Line teammates to please say NO to the IAM. Thanks as always for your hard work and dedication, and keep the questions coming!