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IAM admits to lack of long-term commitment to South Carolina

A recent IAM radio ad included a bit of unexpected honesty, stating “IAM reps can’t stay in Charleston forever.”

We’re happy to hear that the IAM is finally admitting to who they really are: out-of-state union organizers, here for only a short time and to serve their own interests.

They like to talk about being part of the community. But the truth is they’d like nothing more than to take money from our teammates’ pockets in the form of union dues, pack up their bags and move on to the next union campaign.

And who pays for these out-of-state organizers to be here in the first place? IAM-represented men and women in some other part of the country. Union dues – money out of those people’s pockets – pay for IAM organizers’ hotel rooms, rental cars, dining expenses, and much more.

If the IAM organizers have their way, it will be BSC teammates’ dues money that pays for their next union campaign – likely somewhere far from here.

Boeing teammates deserve better, all right. Our teammates deserve better than union outsiders telling them what’s best for them and their families. Our teammates deserve better than the IAM’s deceit and insincerity.

Boeing teammates deserve better than to pay union dues to a group that wanted to put them out of a job entirely not that long ago.

Boeing teammates have their own voices, and they use them so that we Win Together every day. Our teammates don’t need outsiders speaking for them.