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IAM continues to spread misinformation

Machinists continue to spread misinformation on wages and compensation.

The Machinists Union continues to try to divide our team by suggesting that our teammates are underpaid. They reference wages paid in a market 3,000 miles away, trying to create the impression that unionizing in South Carolina would yield a compensation windfall. Despite what the union is saying, that is simply not true and their own contracts in the region are proof.
We have the example of the contract that the IAM actually negotiated right here in North Charleston with our former Vought teammates. Despite identical promises of wages comparable to a market 3,000 miles away, what they delivered instead was a contract full of wage and benefit takeaways.
Wage rates are not independent of the job market in a specific location, and maintaining a reasonable relationship to that market is critical to remaining competitive. The IAM’s contract in Kinston, North Carolina, acknowledges this with a written commitment to “maintaining wages and a wage structure that is fair to employees and competitive within the local market.”
The current starting rate for a Boeing South Carolina production teammate is $17.25/hour, at a minimum. The average hourly rate for our production teammates is $23/hour, and there’s no “cap” – wages can always continue to grow. The IAM’s contracts in Kinston and with Boeing in Huntsville, Ala., show just how well our teammates are doing relative to the local and regional markets.
In Kinston, the IAM negotiated a starting rate for Assembly and Composite Technicians (the equivalent of a Boeing South Carolina Assembler B) of $11.70/hour, capped at $18.50/hour. The Huntsville contract includes a starting rate of $15.75/hour and a cap of $27.15/hour.
We value our teammates, and we recognize that value with an above-market total compensation package. We provide pay and benefits packages that attract the best and most qualified talent while maintaining our ability to remain competitive in the industry. Judging by our employment and business growth over the past several years, we’ve been hitting the right balance.
We’re proud of that fact, but we’re even more proud of the amazing work our teammates do every day that has enabled our business to grow while providing more opportunities for today and tomorrow!
Compensation: Kinston & Huntsville