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IAM making false claims about BSC jobs

The IAM is at it again, twisting information to mislead our Boeing South Carolina teammates and our community. This time they are trying to convince people that Boeing is “moving jobs out of Charleston,” with the clear implication being that Boeing South Carolina teammates have lost their jobs as a result.

This is just not true. There’s really no other way to say it. This ridiculous claim proves once again that the IAM will stoop to any level to get our teammates to sign a card.

Our commitment to South Carolina, and our track record on job growth, are strong and clear. Since 2010 we’ve added more than 4,000 jobs in South Carolina. And we’ve got more than 400 acres of land available for future growth. Check out the two documents below for even more information about our commitment here: Boeing’s Investment in South Carolina & Boeing by the Numbers. Our future in South Carolina is as bright as ever.

On the other hand, the IAM has not created one single Boeing job in South Carolina. And we can’t forget, this is the same union that actively campaigned to eliminate all Boeing 787 jobs in South Carolina and shut down our operations through the National Labor Relations Board.

The IAM is so desperate to get our teammates’ hard-earned money that they’ll do anything to get their way, including deceive. That’s not OUR way, and those aren’t South Carolina values. It’s just the latest example that these outside union organizers don’t understand our culture. We encourage our teammates and our community to know the facts and challenge the IAM’s false claims.