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IAM’s assertions not based in facts

The IAM continues to make careless assertions with no basis in fact. Most recently they have called our teammates fearful and claimed Boeing has violated our teammates’ rights. That’s just not accurate.

At Boeing, we prefer to deal in facts and reality instead of divisive, inflammatory rhetoric; and we believe that’s what our teammates prefer. Below is a listing of just some of the omissions from the union’s listing of “rights”:

· IT’S YOUR RIGHT to say NO to the union.
· IT’S YOUR RIGHT to ask the union to back up its accusations against the company with actual facts.
· IT’S YOUR RIGHT to tell the union you are not interested in being represented by an organization that tried to shut Boeing South Carolina down.
· IT’S YOUR RIGHT to NOT have to pay dues from your hard earned money to support the salaries, expenses, benefit packages, and retirement of union bosses.
· IT’S YOUR RIGHT to NOT be taken out on strike, as over 126,000 IAM members have since 2004.
· IT’S YOUR RIGHT to say NO to an organization that sells solidarity while under investigation for voter fraud and misuse of its members’ retirement funds.
· IT’S YOUR RIGHT to keep your own voice and not let the IAM, and its leadership’s agenda, dictate your future.

Boeing respects its teammates’ rights and will continue to share true and accurate facts regarding the IAM – a truth that the union clearly does not want shared.