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No IAM Union ‘Try-Outs’

You can’t just “try out” a union. Once voted in, it’s extremely hard to get rid of them – a real uphill battle for employees.

Getting rid of a union is called “decertification,” and it requires employees to file a petition with the National Labor Relations Board. But a decertification vote cannot be held for one year after the union is voted in. If the union and the company agree to a contract within that year then you are stuck with the union for the length of the contract – typically three years.

By law, a company cannot in any way assist employees in decertifying a union. The union will fight the effort using highly paid lawyers, but a company cannot pay for employees to hire a lawyer. The union can also fine or punish members who try to decertify.

With a union, there are no try outs. Just say NO to the IAM.