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Setting the record straight on ULP charges

Once again, the IAM is twisting facts in an attempt to deceive both our teammates and our community, this time with respect to several Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges that the union has filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). In a press release issued Monday, the Machinists have completely mischaracterized the NLRB Regional Director’s initial finding of merit on some of these ULPs. The truth is that there has been no finding of liability against Boeing.

The overall process is very similar to the filing of a lawsuit, and all the Regional Director’s initial finding means is that the ULP cases should go to trial before an Administrative Law Judge. We strongly disagree with the Regional Director’s decision to proceed to hearing on the terminations, and will continue to fight these ULPs with the Administrative Law Judge. Boeing has fully cooperated with the Regional Director’s office in its review of the union’s claims, and we are pleased that some of the charges have been eliminated.

These ULPs were filed months ago in response to Boeing’s termination of some employees for violating well publicized, longstanding and objectively reasonable safety and conduct policies. Those violations included falsification of company records, failing to come to work, and walking across an active runway despite direct contrary instruction.

Much of the regional office’s determination is based on the flight line micro-unit decision on appeal to the NLRB, and which will be dismissed if the NLRB reverses that decision. Boeing remains focused on providing a safe and innovative environment for our teammates, while we work together to meet our customer commitments by delivering products of the highest quality.