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Setting the record straight

For 10 years Boeing South Carolina has been growing, developing and improving. And for those same 10 years, the IAM has been trying to throw roadblocks in our way. The fact is, the IAM didn’t want BSC to exist in the first place. Remember these nuggets?

“…Boeing decided to build a duplicate 787 line in South Carolina, which was very disappointing. We know our members in Puget Sound build the best airplanes in the world. They always have and always will.”

Former IAM District President Tom Wroblewski, Aero Mechanic, February 2010

“Workers there don’t have the machines or skills to do what the Everett shop does…”

Aero Mechanic, November 2009

They tried in vain to keep us from building 787s in South Carolina, and ever since, the union has criticized and insulted South Carolina teammates and done whatever it can to impede the site’s progress. Their recent coordinated home mailings and insulting statements to the local and national media are nothing more than a continuing attack on our team members and our company. But we know the truth!

Safety and quality are our highest priorities.The IAM-driven allegations of poor quality are especially offensive because of the pride in workmanship that we pour into our work every day.The highest-quality airplanes – airplanes that meet rigorous quality inspections and FAA standards – delivered on time on a regular basis from Boeing South Carolina, are performing exceptionally well in service around the world. In fact, the 787 program has successfully delivered 823 airplanesto more than 76 customers since its launch.As Boeing marks 10 years in North Charleston, our more than 7,000 Boeing South Carolina teammates are producing the highest levels of quality in our history.

But don’t just take our word for it.Our customers feel the same way:

  • Qatar Airways: “Qatar Airways continues to be a long-term supporter of Boeing and has full confidence in all its aircraft and manufacturing facilitiesas a strong commitment to safety and quality is of theutmost importance to both our companies. We have over 100 Boeing aircraft in our fleet, manufactured in both Everett and Charleston, with many more to join in the coming years as part of our significant, long-term investment in the US economy.”
  • Suparna Airlines: “The entire process of the aircraft delivery was very smooth. We want to thank the Boeing team in South Carolina who worked diligently with the Boeing standard and discipline to make the delivery a pleasant experience for us. The airplane has carried out more than 200 scheduled flights with total flight hours up to 500 at an operational reliability of 99.99%. We are happy with the performance of our first Dreamliner.”
  • Norwegian: “We are very satisfied with the quality and reliability of all our 33 Dreamliners, regardless of where they have been assembled.”

While the flightline’s strongest IAM supporters remain critical of the work of others at this site, we know that it’s the dedication, expertise and partnering of ALL teammates that produce these incredible airplanes Made with Pride in South Carolina!

There were nay-sayers then, and there are still nay-sayers today. The IAM will continue to try to tell a different story about BSC.They seem to believe they are the only ones who can build world-class airplanes or that somehow being a member of the IAM results in a better product. That is nonsense! They want the world to think that BSC teammates are sloppy and incompetent. But we see through it and know the truth.

Our BSC record speaks for itself. We don’t need or want the IAM and their divisive tactics.