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The IAM continues to lie about Boeing retaliation against union supporters

In recent social media posts, The International Association of Machinists (IAM) has lied about Boeing retaliation against union supporters to repeatedly tarnish the reputation of all Boeing South Carolina teammates and the safety and quality of the products we build.

It’s time we set the record straight, and we cannot let the IAM’s lies continue!

Boeing’s long-standing policy is to not comment on employment decisions out of respect for the privacy of the individuals. However, in light of the IAM’s attempts to sensationalize and misrepresent these issues, Boeing states unequivocally that there has been no retaliation against any individual based on that individual’s feelings about a union. Boeing terminated these individuals based on well publicized, long standing, and objectively obvious safety, compliance and conduct policies, including:

  • Three for certifying a required post flight inspection without noting readily apparent evidence of a bird strike. The union's current claims that there was no bird strike are simply not credible. In fact, one of the individuals in the posted video, who has self-identified his affiliation with the union, witnessed and confirmed the clear evidence of a bird strike on the engine's external casing.
  • One for refusing a direct order to not cross an active flight line with planes preparing to taxi, in violation of safety rules while simultaneously using profanity toward a manager;
  • One for multiple incidents of falsifying daily tool control records by certifying a tool inventory checklist as complete when the required inventory check was not actually performed; and
  • One for 2 full months of unsubstantiated absence from work;

The safety and quality of our teammates and airplanes is our highest priority and it applies to everyone, every day. Termination decisions are never made lightly, and our company maintains a robust process to insure such decisions are fully evaluated and that such actions are consistent.

Finally, the IAM’s video contains some fairly derogatory claims about teammates in the “factory” and their relative lack of qualifications and dedication to their work compared to the flight line. You have heard us say this before, but this is the exact kind of divisiveness that is commonplace in these environments where the union attempts to organize and is a direct example of why the company is and will continue to fight against unionization at BSC. We value the contributions of all of our teammates, do not agree with the union’s approach, and thank all of our teammates for their efforts that have created a success for the past 10 years right here in the Lowcountry!