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The IAM wants our teammates to sign union cards. Again.

The IAM is working in the shadows to get BSC teammates to sign union cards again. That probably means more unannounced home visits and calls from union salespeople. Before you consider signing a union card, you should know exactly what you’re signing.

A union card (paper or electronic) is a legal document. A common IAM version says that you “authorize the International Associate of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) to act as my collective bargaining agent with the company.” It’s like signing a blank check.

Despite what the IAM salesperson and some IAM supporters may tell you, a union card is NOT simply a way to get more information about the union.

When you sign a union card, you’re giving the union the right to speak for you. In some circumstances, the union can use the cards to represent you without even having an election.

Keep your voice. Don’t sign it over to the IAM. Don’t sign a union card.