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The IAM’s divisive tactics continue with personal attacks

The IAM continues its divisive tactics, attempting to drive a wedge between our teammates and leadership. Recently they attacked Boeing South Carolina’s new Vice President of Site Operations, David Carbon, calling him “The Terminator” and making wild accusations that he “dresses in hoodies and [sneaks] up on workers.” We saw the same nonsense from them last year and their pattern continues. Has it really come to name calling and absurd untruths from the IAM in their attempts to gain the support of our teammates?

Outsiders don’t realize that this kind of divisiveness and name calling is not what we’re about at Boeing South Carolina. We believe in an inclusive culture, where all teammates have a voice. We work together and listen to each other. We respectfully share thoughts, ideas and concerns, and then take action. We believe that is the right approach for our teammates and our business, and the proof is in our tremendous and ongoing success.