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The Union Organizing Process: A Study in Divisiveness

IAM tries to get teammates to sign cards
  • IAM enlists teammates to act as “union salespeople” to solicit signatures from other teammates.
  • Union salespeople will say anything to get those signatures, and may act in secrecy so their false promises and misleading statements can’t be corrected.
  • Despite what the IAM salesperson may say, a union card (paper or electronic) is a legal document, authorizing the IAM to act as your collective bargaining agent with the company. It’s not simply a way to get more information about the union.

IAM files Petition For Election
  • A union can file a Petition For Election if it has signed union cards (paper or electronic) from at least 30 percent of the workforce.
  • The NLRB determines whether the requested election is appropriate. There may be a hearing (trial). The hearing for the BSC Flight Line petition lasted two weeks.

Boeing required to give your personal information to IAM
  • If the NLRB determines that an election will be held, Boeing would be required by law to give to the IAM the following information for every eligible teammate:
    • Name
    • Shift
    • Home address
    • Personal email address
    • Job classification
    • Home telephone number
    • Work location
    • Personal cell phone number
  • Even if you didn’t sign a card, the company must provide your information if you would be eligible to vote.

IAM campaigns for teammates’ votes
  • If an election is scheduled, teammates can expect the following from the

    • Home visits, phone calls and text messages
    • More misleading claims and false statements
    • Divisive tactics, like calling those who don’t support the union “scabs”

There is only one sure way to keep your personal information out of the hands of the IAM and avoid their divisiveness:

Don’t sign a union card.