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What Is a ‘Micro-Unit?’

A “micro-unit” is a term used to describe a smaller group of employees within a larger workplace that a union seeks to represent.

Why is the IAM doing this?

The IAM continues to lose members and is desperate to get a foot in the door at BSC. Their latest tactic: they’ve filed a petition with the NLRB to represent just our flight line teammates (FRTs and FRTIs).

But is it a good thing for our flight line, or any of our teammates? NO.

Our FRTs and FRTIs need to think about what it would mean to put all of their wages, benefits and working conditions on the table. Do they really want to take the risk that they might wind up with something different than the thousands of other BSC teammates? There are no guarantees when it comes to contract negotiation.

Boeing strongly believes that the IAM’s attempt to isolate our flight line teammates is unreasonable and is prohibited by federal law, and we will challenge this filing with the NLRB.

We are ONE TEAM at BSC. Let’s keep it that way.