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Building a legacy

Three women have established a career and family legacy at Boeing South Carolina.

The first to join Boeing was Patti Curry in 2008. She was soon followed by her sister, Karen Jones, and niece, Brooke Hicks. Each one says they have found support and opportunity through their roles at Boeing, fueled by the company’s culture of diversity and inclusion.

“Boeing is a strong advocate of women throughout the company. Boeing values passion and talent and provides equal rights for all teammates,” Patti said. 

She was drawn to the company by its long-standing reputation as an aerospace industry leader and local leader in the Lowcountry. While Patti had worked for other Fortune 500 companies before, she says she found something special in what Boeing had to offer its employees and communities.

“I strongly admired Boeing’s community involvement in South Carolina with its large investments in STEM-education programs and its investments in our future,” Patti said.

It was just a few years later, in 2014, when Karen followed in her sister’s footsteps. The two were able to lean on each other, providing tips and tricks to one another along the way. It was a network of support they would soon extend to Karen’s daughter, Brooke, when she joined the company in 2019.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. My mom and aunt have helped me tremendously in every aspect to excel at my current job. We lean on each other all the time, and their unconditional support helps me strive to import more best practices,” Brooke said. 

The three say their careers have empowered them with opportunities, financial independence, self-confidence, and self-respect. Today, they share a common hope to inspire other women to find their passions and pursue them.  

“Despite any struggles that come your way, you can always overcome them,” Brooke said. “Your career needs to be important to you, so find exactly what it is you want to achieve. Remember to show full support, encouragement, and growth to all of the other women around you.”