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Our Story

Boeing South Carolina is the only place in the world where the full cycle of 787 Dreamliner production takes place– from freezer to flight. Our teammates fabricate, assemble and deliver the 787-8, 787-9, and 787-10. The newest Dreamliner model, the 787-10, is assembled and delivered exclusively in South Carolina. In addition to the Dreamliner assembly, Boeing South Carolina is home to Boeing Research & Technology, IT Center of Excellence, Propulsion Systems, Interiors Responsibility Center, and Engineering Design Center. BSC also partners with more than 300 suppliers across the state.

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Our Team and Culture

New York Times story paints an inaccurate picture of Boeing South Carolina

This message from Brad Zaback, Vice President and general manager of the 787 Program, was sent to all Boeing South Carolina teammates Saturday, April 20. Team, The 787 ...

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Our Community


Boeing South Carolina’s DreamLearners educational program has reached more than 460,000 students and community partners since 2012. DreamLearners offers the opportunity for South Carolina students in 5th grade and students in specialized Science, Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) based programs to visit Boeing South Carolina and learn more about careers in aerospace, STEM and advanced manufacturing. Boeing also offers the opportunity for classroom speaking events, and visits from teachers, administrators and faculty. Special sessions are…

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Our Union Position

Over the past 10 years, Boeing South Carolina teammates have built something special. BSC teammates have been singularly focused on getting the job done and proving the doubters wrong. Our unique ability to work together – without outside intervention – means that important issues can be identified and resolved quickly and effectively.

Unions are set up to do things differently. They are frequently slow to adapt to new processes and often insist on narrow definitions of what each job code is allowed to do. Unions add extra layers of communication and bureaucracy, which can lead to communication breakdowns, unresolved issues and inaction. When problems arise, unions often resort to strikes or other workplace disruptions to try to get their way.

Let’s protect what we’ve built at BSC.

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