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Featured BRG: Boeing Women Inspiring Leadership

My name is Kendra Logan, and I am a Staff Analyst at Boeing South Carolina (BSC), specifically supporting Propulsion South Carolina. I am also the chair for the BSC chapter of Boeing’s Women Inspiring Leadership (BWIL) group.

BWIL’s mission is to partner at all levels of the enterprise to increase gender diversity awareness and promote women’s representation. I joined BWIL when I started working at Boeing because I wanted to get involved with a group that was focused on growing female talent and helping women collaborate and inspire one another. Over the years, I have met some amazing teammates and mentors. Boeing attracts some of the most talented and skilled women in the world, and BWIL exists to support them in their professional journeys.

Kendra Logan represented Boeing and presented at Women in Industry Day at The Citadel in 2019.

It is very exciting being a woman in the aviation industry at a time when women are continuing to make history every day. I am always rooting for the woman that is fighting for equity and going against the odds to make her dreams a reality. At Boeing, I work with remarkable women who are creating ground-breaking innovations using state-of-the-art technology, and are encouraging the next generation of innovators. Seeing these women accomplish such feats inspires me to follow my own career goals and reminds me that I, too, am a woman who can impact positive change.