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Storm update

With the most severe part of Hurricane Dorian behind us, we hope that you and your families are safe and well. Please continue heeding directions from authorities, and once the evacuation order is lifted, be safe as you return home.

We will now begin turning our attention to recovery of not only our personal lives, but recovery to the commitments to our customers. Your safety is our priority, so we will provide ample time for you to return safely home before we resume site operations. Watch for future communications with specifics on when we will reopen the site and resume production.

Once operations do resume, if you need additional time to deal with your personal storm recovery efforts, you will be able to use vacation time and sick time or take unpaid leave. We know that there will be a variety of situations for you to deal with upon your return, and we will work with those who need assistance on an individual basis. Please work directly with your manager to find the right solution for your circumstance.

Official status reports about state conditions are on the state website. You will continue to receive emails and our internal emergency alerts for site status.

We urge each of you use caution as you return home. Please stay safe.