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BSC Site to resume operations with volunteers through the weekend

Hurricane Dorian is behind us, and we hope that everyone is safe and sustained no to minimal property damage.

With the evacuation order lifted, our thoughts now are turning to recovery and the resumption of site operations. The BSC leadership team has been in contact with state and local authorities as we assess conditions around the area. Your safety is our main concern, so if it is not safe for you to return to work immediately, do not do so.

We have made the decision to lift the Suspension of Operations and resume site operations on a limited basis today through the weekend, Friday, Sept. 6 through Sunday, Sept, 8. A small group of teammates – who have already been identified and contacted by their managers – will work a single shift today focused on safely preparing the factories for normal operations. If your manager has not personally contacted you, you should not report for work on Friday.

On Saturday, Sept. 7, and Sunday, Sept. 8, we will work all three shifts with volunteers, beginning with third shift. This will be exclusively voluntary. We are asking teammates from ALL shifts who are able to work to come in and help us begin recovering the lost schedule. If you can volunteer, please let your manager know as soon as possible.(Note that PSC, IT and BR&T Tech Center are not included in the weekend work.)

We will resume normal operations with full crews starting with third shift on Sunday night-Monday morning, Sept. 8-9.

Please continue to monitor our internal emergency notification systems, email, and social media to be sure you have the latest information. Any changes to the current plan, including shift start times, will be communicated as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and dedication as we resume operations and strive to recover the lost schedule and meet our customer commitments.