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Featured BRG: Boeing Asian and Pacific Association

“My name is Frida Gonzalez, and I work in Digital Common Services as a Database Administrator at Boeing South Carolina.

When I moved to Charleston from Chicago about eight years ago, I realized how different the two areas were. I’ve always been passionate about my culture, the experiences I’ve had, and sharing it with others. While I was excited to learn about the culture in Charleston, I was also excited to share the experiences I’ve grown up with.

When I joined The Boeing Company, I was thrilled to hear about the various diversity and inclusion groups that the company had. One of the groups that caught my eye was the Boeing Asian and Pacific Association (BAPA). BAPA is a teammate-driven business resource group (BRG), connecting thousands of teammates across the different sites. We work in partnership with the enterprise to develop a more inclusive and collaborative work environment, positioning teammates of Asian descent to innovate and lead with strength. I’m now serving as the Chair of BAPA South Carolina and also a part of a leadership team at the enterprise level. I am excited to continue developing what we’ve started here, expanding the opportunities at BSC where teammates are seen, heard, valued and respected.

As a Filipino American, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is a time that I certainly take pride in observing. Regardless of our origin, our ancestors have come a long way and have made sacrifices to get to where we are in society now. Personally, I feel like it’s a reminder to intentionally pause, reflect and celebrate the richness of our Asian culture. As I teach my three Filipino Mexican American children on a regular basis to embrace their diversities, this month brings out a lot of pride for them. As the observance of this month has been growing each year, it’s exciting to see the stories and celebrations that come out of it. I make it a point to share these with my kids, and make this month a fun way to learn more about their heritage and others. This also exposes them to role models who they can culturally identify with, educating them about the accomplishments that Asians have made, while empowering them to believe in the impacts that they can potentially make themselves.

As people of Asian descent continue to face increased discrimination and racism, Boeing is committed to supporting the Pan-Asian community and acting in solidarity as allies. I encourage you to stand up and speak up as an ally too.

I believe we are a community strengthened by our diversities. Let’s embrace our uniqueness and work together to create a more respectful and inclusive world.”