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Featured BRG: Boeing Familia

We come from different backgrounds; we speak different languages and we offer different perspectives, but we are all united in a common goal of inspiring, connecting and developing our teammates, the greater community and each other. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, meet the executive board of the South Carolina Boeing Familia Business Resource Group.

Carlos Acosta

To me, the BRGs at The Boeing Company are more than a professional development opportunity. BRGs are a springboard for personal growth too. They empower me to connect with other teammates and share goals, achievements, and experiences. Every connection builds me professionally and personally. We have opportunities to engage with the community and help build a future pipeline at Boeing. Go Boeing Familia!

Nelson Akwari

I believe every individual was created uniquely with a diverse skill set that is meant to be utilized to enhance a team. Serving with Boeing Familia allows me to better understand the blessings of diversity and the strengths within our collective community.

Tatiana Carvajal

Being a part of a Boeing Business Resource Group lets me meet people from all walks of life. It helps me connect with like-minded individuals driven to make a difference in their communities and give something back. It gives me a chance to form relationships that leave a lasting and meaningful impact.

Tiffany Javid

I am happy to be part of Boeing Familia because the group gives me a chance to unite with incredible people from a diverse set of backgrounds. This group, as well as all other Boeing Business Resource Groups is so accepting, welcoming, and supportive in many ways. It is important to remember that even though the community we have in Charleston may be small, it is definitely mighty! Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of the strength of our community and the richness and diversity of our culture. I’m proud of this culture and Boeing Familia provides me with the best resources and best people with whom to celebrate it!

Adeline Longstreth

I joined Boeing Familia because I wanted to find community and get a chance to plan fun events. Being in a Boeing Business Resource Group allows me to meet different people and learn from every experience. I especially enjoy working with local schools and hopefully inspiring students to be engineers.

Meaghan Norman

It’s amazing to see what can happen when a team comes together believing in a common purpose. Boeing Familia gives us the space to support each other, grow our skills and lead in the community. We may have started serving as strangers bringing our individual talents together with our collective passion, but we have grown into a Familia.

Brenda Ortiz Valentin

It comes naturally for me to champion diversity and inclusion, and be involved in Boeing Familia, other Business Resource Groups and connecting with the community. I don’t really have to think about it. I grew up with parents who always made sure to help those around them. I was taught to stand up for myself but more importantly, use any influence I may have to give a voice to those who are not heard.

Manuel “Mani” Tiggs

The diversity of our Boeing Business Resource Groups is exactly what makes us better and stronger as a company. We have an amazing, engaged and devoted Boeing Familia team in South Carolina with a passion to take Boeing to the next level. That includes leaders on the board who enjoy uplifting our teammates, developing others and supporting the community.

Alejandro “Alex” Veloz

Being involved in Boeing Familia allows me to continue having a connected learning cultural mindset that helps me enjoy my journey in life.