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Parts In Motion: Robots and Boeing

Jason loves building things that move on their own. In his free time, he turned an all-terrain vehicle into a self-driving car. He carries that passion into his day job by developing a 23,000-pound robotic system that can sand and prepare an entire C-17 Globemaster III for painting, reaching places where humans can’t.

At the Research & Technology Center in Ladson, Jason develops cutting-edge autonomous systems—robots working side by side with humans, robots that enter dangerous environments, proprietary robots. He collaborates on a new style of robotic manipulator, programming that will tell a robot to push a nut in a certain direction and then determine the amount of torque needed.
“You have the opportunity to learn something new every day,” Jason said. “If you’re afraid of failing, you lose that opportunity. If you take these situations head-on, you not only become a better engineer or technician—Boeing becomes a better company.”